Car Scrapping

At Seng Guan Auto Parts, we will purchase your vehicle from you before deregistration. In this way, you will be able to receive the cash payment immediately instead of waiting up to two months after the deregistration. 

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We will manage the paperwork and administrative matters related to the scrapping of the vehicle. We can also check on your behalf if your vehicle is due for scrapping.

Step 1:  Click on this link to and get a quote hassle free!

Step 2: Drive your car down to our workshop for a quick assessment or alternatively we will head down to your workplace or carpark for the assessment.

Step 3: We will pass you a sales agreement form and LTA de-registration form to fill up. We also require your to bring your original NRIC so we can assist to deregister your car at LTA main office. If you feel uncomfortable with passing us your identity card you can drop by to LTA, we will do the required administration and return your card immediately after the handing over of vehicle is complete.

Step 4: After we have scrapped your car, we will submit all paperwork and disposal documents to LTA

Step 5: Once LTA acknowledges the documents you can use the internet and encash your PARF benefit using your singpass or you can fill up the form and we can submit to LTA on your behalf. LTA will process the application and mail the PARF rebate amount via cheque to the registered owner of the car. You can also select bank transfer where LTA will directly credit the money in your account.

But at Seng Guan Autos, we will pass you the PARF rebate amount via cheque or cash after we purchase your vehicle. Thus, there will be no waiting time for the money to be credited.

Used Car Sales

We provide a selection of short term vehicles as well as vehicles used for extending of the COE.

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Do take a look at our selection of used cars, or contact us for more information.

Used Car Parts Export

Used car parts are available at affordable prices. These parts are sourced together with our partners, which include workshops and mechanics. All you need to do is provide us with your car plate number, and we'll look for the suitable part for you.

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Motor enthusiasts and workshop mechanics are welcome to visit our facility at Woodlands where our friendly sales executives are always available to assist with your enquiries. 

Trade customers looking to buy in bulk may visit us and speak with our export specialists.

We have in stock used car parts such as Boot lid reflector, Front bonnet, Front bumper, Head lamp, Radiator grille, Tail gate, Tail lamp, Doors, etc.